Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ken Stringfellow - the Sellout Cover Sessions vol.1

Ken Stringfellow's contribution to our brand new EP series The Sellout Cover Sessions will be out in Norwegian stores april 7th, and through our mailorder the week before. Do you want to order it directly from us? If so, send us an e-mail.

In support of this release Ken Stringfellow will do an instore show at the lovely Big Dipper shop here in Oslo april 8th 7PM. Be there. Have a good time. Buy the EP and some other records (they've got a great vinyl section at Big Dipper). After the instore, go and have some dinner, drink some beer or vine and go straight to John Dee where Ken will be doing a show with the Posies.

The EP will be out in the US, Spain, Portugal and other territories shortly after that.